Responsibilities of UTC:

After receiving demand letter from our valuable employers abroad, the following steps are taken for fulfilling their requirements from Bangladesh.

(a) The process of pre-selection:
For doing this job we tend to draw an extensive computer data base which contains all the present and future experienced manpower applicants waiting for a new job in abroad. So, normally candidates are selected from this. However we also advertise in leading newspapers, district Employment and Manpower offices, specialized agencies & notice board of Uzan.

 (b) The process of mid-selection:
We always prefer selection of applicant by either oral or practical test to be conducted by Employers or his authorized representative. We arrange their accommodation, transport and all other logistic support required for the purpose. Applications thus received/collected, shall be scrutinized for a short-listing as per requirement of the employer for interview and final selection. We call the candidates and confirm their application documents, ask them to prepare for the interview and if the applicants need testing, we refer them to our well-known technical center for test and report. We normally do it with the help of our valuable Employers and we believe in mutually beneficial relationships that are built on trust and faith.

(c) Lining Up Labor
We use following sources for acquisition of manpower for different categories.

After evaluating the applications received and short-listing of the deserving candidates, the candidates are called for provisional interview and trade test.

For supplying suitable manpower, standard method of interview and trade test is adopted. As provisionally selected candidates are short listed and declared, those who get through these interviews are tested.

(d) Final Selection
The short listed candidates are then summoned to the selection board. Thereafter, the selected candidates are put to test. Final selection is done after consideration of the individuals overall performance through foreign delegation who will be visiting for selection. A detailed list of provisionally selected candidates is sent to the employers for further necessary action.

(e) Passports
Finally selected candidates intending to go abroad generally have their passports.

(f) Medical Examination
The finally selected candidates are sent for Medical Test/Check up to the appointed/authorized Medical Centers only of the Embassies of respective countries.

(g) Visa
UZAN will apply for visa for the medically fit selected candidates with co-operation of the employer to the host country's Embassy/High Commission in Bangladesh. If there is no embassy in Bangladesh, it will be the responsibility of the Employer to apply for visa and other permits needed to enter the country of employment.

(h) Ticketing
The employer may send PTA or recruitment or remit necessary traveling expenses in favor of UZAN to facilitate the traveling for the candidates.

(i) Immigration Formalities
UTC will obtain necessary Recruitment permission and Immigration Clearance from the Bureau of Manpower Employment & Training (BMET) under Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment for the workers prior to their departure.

(j) Orientation Session before DEPARTURE:-
UZAN shall provide basic orientation to workers before traveling. The Employer may also join at the orientation session, if available, at the time of departure. We make all our departing workers report to us at least two (2) days prior to their flight. The workers are briefed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first-hand information of work environment there.

(k) Mobilization:
Govt. Approved International Travel Agency is directed to reserve seats for the reported workers. We send flight confirmation & PTA in favor of us to facilitate the selected workers. Upon deployment, we instantly confirm our Employer so that they may pick up the workers in due time.

(l) Follow up:
We follow up our clients. Our workers are received by the company representative, employed and match their requirements even at any crisis situation.

Repatriating: Due to lack of medical fitness or due to lack of skills if workers are proved to be unfit, we usually replace the worker at our cost or we act in accordance with agreement made between our clients.