Uzan Trading Corporation consists of Executives, Administrators, Consultants and experts. Specialists are always available to assist you to achieve your needs and compliment your manpower requirements.

Through our dynamic professional expertise and proficiency in every transaction, the company has been able to gain a broader view that attaches due consideration to economic and cultural realities and always thrives to handle any sort of placement jobs in their earnest. In this way Uzan Trading Corporation lends credibility to its commitments.

Uzan Trading Corporation has a comprehensive and strategic recruitment network with qualified recruiting consultants all over Bangladesh and also in Gulf Region. We have very rich human resources whose output is quite higher compared to others in Asia.

Long Lasting Relationship
We never consider our business and ultimate relationship with clients on a single deal basis. Our objective is to have a sustained growth record. We believe that our clients expect us to be a supplier of fair business relationship worldwide and prosper swiftly.

We vouch for all persons selected by us. We perform better professional service in supplying competent human resources to the employers. We can give all sorts of guarantee according to the rules, regulations and labor laws.

UTC Approach
Firstly, we look up with clients to apprehend their essential enrolments. Subsequently, we respond accordingly by attracting best talents through recruitment advertisements or hunting., Afterwards, we apply screening and interviewing techniques to select best talent.