EMPLOYER'S Responsibilities:

UTC requires few documents that are to be provided by the employer and an agency agreement must be carried out and signed between UTC and employee. The following are the terms and conditions regarding demand and supply of manpower from Bangladesh:

(a) Power of attorney
Uzan Trading Corporation must behold an appropriate power of attorney from the Employers. (Specimen of the power of Attorney is given in the Annexure section)

(b) Demand letter
A letter of demand addressed to Uzan Trading Corporation containing all terms of services such as job categories and criteria, Number of Vacancies, Pay & Allowance, Accommodation, Food, Transport, Medical, Duty hours and Duration of Contract are to be included as other amenities. (Specimen of the demand letter is included in the Annexure section)

(c) Visa Document
Visa documents granting permission from the appropriate authority of the country of Employer may authorize to Uzan Trading Corporation.

(d) Manpower Recruitment Order
Manpower Recruitment order photocopy is required.

(e) Consular Letter:
A letter addressed by the Employers to the Consular General of the country to make sure visas are sanctioned authorizing Uzan Trading Corporation from Bangladesh.

(f) Employment Agreement:
Standard Employment Contract copies are required between Employers and Employee. (Specimen of an Employment Agreement is given in the Annexure section)

(g) Agency Agreement:
Both parties between Employer and Uzan Trading Corporation have to obtain a written sanction with all terms and condition which will be in original, duly sealed, signed & attested by Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.